Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Love over Hypocrisy

Family isn't those who are in the same bloodline--family are those who are of the same spiritual line. My family are those who belong to MESSIAH YESHUA, for those are the ones I will be spending eternity with.

Before anyone judges his brother, it would be very wise to ask yourself who gives you the right to condemn? YAHWEH is the Eternal judge. No man judges another man's soul. He that judges will be judged by MESSIAH YESHUA.

Instead of judging and hating shouldn't be we forgiving and loving to our fellow man. Are we ourselves without guilt? No. Every man has sinned and fallen short of the GLORY of YAHWEH. Is one man's sin less than another man's sins in the HOLY EYES OF YAHWEH? No. Each soul born was condemned until YESHUA MESSIAH died on the Cross in our place. No man can save himself, therefore he has no right to cast judgement on another man's soul. Yes, we know others by the fruit they bare and we also must preach about the penalty of deliberately sinning and resisting to repent and seek MESSIAH YESHUA to forgive those sins and be saved by HIM AND HIM alone--but Judgement belongs to YAHWEH, not man.

If YESHUA forgives one man of his sins and saves him, is that man who is saved to continually condemning those who are struggling? Or should he reach out a helping hand. So many who call themselves 'Saved' are too willing to quickly judge and condemn, not realizing they are judging and condemning themselves. YESHUA said they confess them with their lips but they are far from HIS heart.

If we are saved by YESHUA, we belong to HIM and HIM alone, and we are HIS family--therefore, we are family to those who belong to HIM. A family cares, nourishes and loves one another, not condemns and judges one another. Yes, when a family member stumbles, we catch that family member with loving arms, not condemning arms.

Remember, before you confess that you are saved by YESHUA with your lips, make certain that the KING OF KINGS AND LORD of LORDS is truly the SAVIOR of your heart first.


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