Saturday, October 31, 2015

abortion is murder

For those Christians who particiapted in halloween

For those Christians who participated in halloween:

You refuse to Honor YAHWEH'S Feast In Leviticus Ch 23 but you participate in a day that celebrates evil and death. Did you not understand YESHUA when HE said pick up your cross and follow HIM?

Do not think for one minute your actions are justified by whatever excuse you proclaim. Your excuses are destroyed in YAHWEH'S HOLY TRUTH.


Real Mothers protect innocent lives--they do not murder innocent lives

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Only Way to Negotiate



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Israel Forever


I Love Israel Forever


hallo-ween is demonic and evil so why do Christians participate in that day?

Israel Forever

Mama Rochel

Live and Die in MESSIAH YESHUA

Today you live but at some unknown point in the future, we are all going to die. James tells us our life is like a vapor, here one day and gone the next. How very true. At the age of 37, I wonder where twenty years vanished. It seemed just like yesterday that I was 17. Yet, here I am climbing the hill to 40.

The minutes of your life do not take a break or pause for your benefit. Age is not controlled. Age is raw and untamed, clawing its way forward with victory regardless of the attempts to suppress it. Someday you and I--everyone living--will die. The question is, where will your soul go when you face death?

YESHUA said HE is the Resurrection and the Life and all who believe in HIM, even though HE may die, will live. That is a beautiful promise. I know where my soul is going: Home to my Master and King YESHUA the MESSIAH. What about you?

A second question we need to ask ourselves is this: If death is a certainty, why do we live like slaves to a controlled world instead of free in the LORD? Makes you wonder how you're really living your life doesn't it. It is so important to conform to enslaved ways of man instead of being free in the Love of the LORD? Not to me it isn't. We didn't see Moses worrying about waking up at 5am in order to fight traffic and work at some life suffocating job in order to pay his way through a man-made world. His life was for YAHWEH through MESSIAH YESHUA. He truly lived as a free man and when he died, he went to his eternal home.

Death can either be a prison or a door into everlasting peace. Yes, death is the punishment of sin. All sin must die. Our sinful form cannot inherit the Kingdom of YAHWEH. At death, HIS children are changed into Glory and given an everlasting body that never grows old or dies (a sinless body). Those who reject YAHWEH'S Gift given through HIS HOLY ETERNAL SON MESSIAH YESHUA will receive eternal condemnation. And make no mistake how we live our lives dictates our death; and death is a certainty. But even though we may die for a moment, in MESSIAH YESHUA, we receive Eternal Life. 

Look at all the graves in this old world---our time is coming when we too will receive a headstone with our names on it. And when your life is no more on this world, where will your soul be? It is our soul that is eternal, not our human form. Our life on this earth is just a very short trip. Where is your end destination: The love of YESHUA MESSIAH or eternal condemnation in the lake of fire?

Mock this if you want, but when you face death what false bravery you may feel now rejecting MESSIAH YESHUA will fail you quickly. For those who reject MESSIAH YESHUA there will come a time when you will cry out to HIM to save you, and HE will reject you as you have rejected HIM. Now is the time to seek HIM and accept HIS free and eternal love HE has for you and showed you when HE suffered and died on the Cross in your place. Confess with your mouth that YESHUA IS LORD AND THAT YAHWEH RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD and you will be saved and delivered (Romans Ch 10).

No one lives forever, but everyone dies. But for those who belong to MESSIAH YESHUA death is only the beginning of everlasting life. For those who do not, death is the beginning of an everlasting end.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Israel Forever

And yet the world is silent

Israel Forever

Israel Forever

Daren Strebow Comedy

Monday, October 26, 2015

And yet this same liar and criminal is running for president

Israel Forever

Were your really born free in America?

Slaves are marked and controlled when they are born and ordered what to do and how to live.

Do you have a social security card? Who said you have to have one?
Do you have a birth certificate? Who said you have to have one?
Do you have to have direct deposit at your place of work? Who said you have to?
Do you file taxes on your income every year? Who said you have to?
Do you put your money in a bank? Who said you have to?
Did you attend 12 years of school? Who said you had to?
Do you have to have two forms of I.D. to get a job? Who made this law? 
Do you have taxes taken out of your paycheck? Who said you have to?
Can you openly pray in public school anymore? Who said you cannot?

Do you obey GOD or the government?

As soon as your born you begin being conformed to the society you're born in and as you age into an adult what is obvious slavery becomes a normal way of life to you. The chains of slavery are sometimes invisible but nevertheless the chains are very real and very destructive. Very few break free of those chains.


Israel my Heart Forever

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Still think you have freedom of choice


The Native Americans were once a free and vital people. When they lived in the land there was no pollution, crime filled cities, highways clogged with vehicles, guns, nuclear power plants, polluted rivers, welfare systems, corrupt politicians, banks, social security cards, birth certificates, grocery stores, gas stations, cable television, cell phones, credit cards, debt, loans, major illnesses, no need for jets and tanks and warships--so what happened? The white man's government came and murdered all that was good and brought all that was bad. 

Now America is a polluted land filled with death, misery, poverty, corruption, crime, disease, illness, debt, pollution and spiritual death. All the while, the American people go about their days like puppets because they are allowed to buy a cup of coffee and make a phone call thinking they are free. The Native Americans were once free too before the white man's government came along.

America, look around, are you really free anymore?

Blind, Deaf and Dumb

The America that once existed with honor and integrity has become destroyed by blind, deaf and dumb people that allow a criminal government to manipulate and control them. Are you one of those people? Before you answer this question you need to look at your cell phone and call the NSA and ask them why your calls and e-mails are being recorded while the American Government is spending millions training people the American people consider their enemy.




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Absolute Truth


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Israel Forever

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The Spirit of YAHWEH overcomes all things

Eternal Truth

When YESHUA returns there will be eternal peace and goodwill toward men


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YAHWEH will avenge this Jewish brother's innocent blood