Saturday, August 22, 2015

False Teachings

These are false teachings:

The law is now void ( (YESHUA writes the law (Torah) in our minds and on our hearts and that is the New Covenant)

Sunday is the Sabbath day (YAHWEH'S Sabbath has never changed--the catholic cult changed the day of the Sabbath)

Gentiles are to bring Salvation to the Jews (The Gentiles are grafted in through the Jews and through MESSIAH YESHUA'S HOLY BLOOD are now part of the commonwealth of Israel--not vice versa)

The Christian church has replaced Israel (Israel is and will always remains YAHWEH'S Chosen people)

Pre-tribulation rapture (Scripture disproves the teachings of a pre-tribulation rapture)

7 year peace treaty with Israel (The Book of Daniel does not state a 7 year peace treaty with Israel will be made)

Once saved always saved (Scripture teaches us it is better to not have known the truth than to have known the truth and turned away from it)

Does your preacher teach these false teachings? If he does, then walk away for teaches lies and not the truth.


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