Sunday, July 10, 2016

For the Black Community

More blacks are killed by black-on-black violence than any 'white cop'. While you protest the death of alton sterling you may want to do some research and realize the person was a sex offender with a criminal history. Is that who you are protesting for? A person who would rape your daughter? Why not focus on the black-on-black killings, the murder of innocent black babies at the hand of planned parenthood, and stop focusing on one death of a criminal by the hands of cops who are doing their jobs.

If a white cop kills a black man unjustly, the black community, like every one else in America, must wait for the justice system which we abide by to operate properly and adhere to the decision of a court of law. Violence only makes those who protest look weak and criminal.

Again, if the black community really cares about it's people focus on the black-on-black killings and the murder of innocent black babies at the hands of planned parenthood. More black people die this way every day than any black man killed by a cop. Where are the protest when planned parenthood murders millions of innocent unborn black babies? Where are the protest when one black man kills another? Only when the the death of a black man can support a corrupt political agenda do people put on their puppet strings and march out into the streets.

Stop being puppets to a government who is only using the black community to push their political agenda. Stand up and be real men. Unite as Americans!


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