Thursday, June 16, 2016

King David

King David was a man of GOD,  slay a giant, designed GOD'S Holy Temple, was King over Israel, was a lover of the Torah, wrote many Psalms, was promised that his throne would be forever, was anointed by Samuel, and so much more.

King David did not allow sodomites, witches, liars, thieves, people of violence, drunks, into his Kingdom. King David did NOT preach 'Tolerance' and turn a blind eye to the wicked. King David was a Righteous Man who did what was right in the Eyes of GOD.

King David's Throne is Forever and YESHUA/JESUS MESSIAH will rule from that Throne. Do you think HE will tolerate sin and preach 'Tolerance'? YESHUA/JESUS MESSIAH is going to rule the world with an Iron Rod. HE is going to destroy the wicked. HE is going to establish Righteousness and Truth throughout the world.

When you pray: "Our FATHER, who art thou in Heaven, Hallowed be THY NAME, THY Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" you better stop and think about the FATHER'S WILL, because HIS WILL does not include sinners. HE will destroy sinners. So why does the world preach 'tolerance' instead?

King David was a man after GOD'S own Heart. Are you? And remember that the New Covenant is the Torah written on our minds and in our hearts (Jeremiah Ch 31 and Hebrews Ch 8). Without love for Torah, you cannot be a man after GOD'S own heart.


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