Thursday, June 2, 2016


As America stands right now:

America has rejected GOD'S love and grace and become a nation of absolute sin. 
America has been divided racially, spiritually, ethically and morally.
America is controlled by a liberal media that brainwashes the masses.
America has been transformed into land controlled by a sinful government.
American churches are silent.
American schools have been transformed into indoctrination centers. 
American families are divided.
American television is beyond perverted and demonic 
America is being over run by illegals and so-called muslim refugees.
The American deficit is beyond repair.
The American Government is pushing for gun control.
America now has a socialized medical care system (control the masses)
America is no longer 'United'. People are divided as never seen before in the history of this country.
Perverted Gays are allowed to marry.
Abortions (MURDER) are carried out in the innocent unborn daily.
Perverted transgenders are allowed to use 'Women' restrooms and showers.
Clinton, who is a criminal and a liar, is actually running for president and people are voting for her (the deceived masses)
The America Flag is now considered a offensive but mexican flags are allowed at schools. 
Parents holding a 'JESUS Lunch' are protested against by atheist.
Illegals are given more rights than natural born citizens.
Christian rights are being attacked daily by a demonic government.
America rejects a Christian football player but supports a perverted male claiming to be a woman
A pervert claiming to be both man and woman (even though she is a woman) sues a school and wins because her co-workers refused to call her 'They'.
People cry over a gorilla that was harming a child and do not shed a tear over the millions of murdered unborn babies that have been killed since 1973. 
The mindset of America is not set on GOD. Instead the mindset (Spiritually and Emotional) are set on selfish and perverted gains. 
The U.S Military allows gays and transgenders but soldiers are not allowed to speak about their Christian faith.
The family structure has been broken, demoralized and substituted with diseased and perverted ideas created by a sinful government.
The divorce rate is America is astronomical
More children are living in single parent homes than ever before in America

The list is endless. I just named a quick few.

America is cursed. YAHWEH'S Judgment is on this sinful nation. YESHUA will save those who call out to HIM and destroy those who reject HIM. The time for calling on the name of the LORD is extremely short. If you have not accepted YESHUA/JESUS into your Heart as your LORD and PERSONAL SAVIOR, I beg to do so. Repent of your sins, turn from evil and seek GOD. The day of America's destruction is swiftly approaching.
And let me remind you that the GOD of Israel does not need man made weapons to destroy America--America has three major fault lines, a super volcano, three volcanoes in Washington state--imagine what would happen if every fault line in America erupted and the super volcano at Yellowstone erupted along with the three volcanoes in Washington? Imagine the nuclear power plants that would melt down, the panic, the riots, the disease, the violence. Imagine the farmlands covered with ash, no food, the water ways polluted beyond imagination, cities crumbled, on fire, destroyed. Imagine the interstates clogged with cars, trucks and semi-trucks at a complete stand still. Imagine the grocery stores empty, no food supply coming in. Imagine having no food or water, no medicine, no means to take a shower, no electricity, no way to keep warm or cool--that is, if you are alive. Yes, the GOD of Israel does not need man made weapons to destroy America or a sinful people. HE alone has already placed HIS means of destruction before America was even formed.

Heaven is a real place and so is the lake of fire. There is no in between. GOD will call you to HIS HOLY SON if you cry out to HIM and repent of your sins.. No man can come unto the SON unless the FATHER calls him. You have a chance to be saved. I beg you to call out to YESHUA/JESUS before it's too late.

I was once a lost sinner. YESHUA/JESUS saved me. PRAISE YAHWEH forever that YESHUA/JESUS saved me and delivered me into HIS Eternal love. But make no mistake about it, the GOD of Israel will destroy a sinful nation and a sinful world. The time is short.


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